June 28, 2024    
7:30 pm


The Griffin Theatre @ The Shed
545 West 30th Street, New York
Free with ticket reservation

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An episodic monologue contemplating information, media, surveillance, and remote violence.

You’re driving. You’re flying.
You’re working. You’re listening.
To WBXI 104FM. Hi stranger.
Hi caller. You heard it here first.
This one’s just for you.

Dad Rock is an episodic monologue featuring poetry, movement, and music. Across a series of inquiries into language and gesture, Kyle Dacuyan disassembles cultural constructions of masculinity—heroes, fathers, and empires. What experiences of threat, harm, isolation, and trauma do these figures and structures arise from? What speech, songs, and choreography are they made of? What patterns of violence do they perpetuate? Libidinal and tender, volatile and introspective, Dad Rock swaggers from the personal into the geopolitics of the present.