We Will Never Reach The Shore


October 22, 2022    
8:00 pm


Queens Theatre
14 United Nations Ave South, Queens, NY

Time: 8:00 PM

Tickets: Free. Suggested donation – $25. Click here for more information.

Experience We Will Never Reach The Shore, a new play written by Tim J. Lord. Adapted from Euripides’ The Phoenician Women. The twin sons of Oedipus have come of age and are fighting each other for the control of Thebes. Thrust into the heart of this tinderbox is a group of Phoenician women. Fleeing war and upheaval in their home country, they have come to Thebes seeking refuge among their distant relatives only to find themselves caught between the brothers’ indomitable wills and subsequently forced to choose a side. Family strife builds to all-out war where ultimately the innocent pay the price.

Donations from audience members will support QT’s Theatre For All initiative to advance the inclusion of Deaf/Disabled individuals in the performing arts. 

Open Captioning, ASL Interpretation and Audio Description are frequently offered at Queens Theatre on a regular schedule. Show descriptions indicate when each will be offered. Queens Theatre’s entrance, all three of Queens Theatre’s performance spaces, and restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Parking is located directly next to Queens Theatre’s building, and Access-A-Ride drops off and picks up patrons at the front entrance. For more details or questions, email: Access@QueensTheatre.org.

As of April 30, 2022, the proof of vaccine requirement at Queens Theatre has been lifted. Queens Theatre strongly recommends that audience members wear masks, though they are no longer required. Queens Theatre reserves the right to amend and adjust its policies at any time in response to local COVID transmission levels and requirements by local, state, and federal government agencies. For more information visit https://queenstheatre.org/covid-protocol/.