August 5, 2022    
8:30 pm


The Connelly Theater
220 E 4th St, New York, NY

Time: 8:30 PM

Tickets: Please use discount code: NYCFRIENDS


SheNYC Arts is a theater non-profit that provides women writers, composers, and directors with resources to jump-start their careers in the theater industry. Every year, SheNYC Arts produces Summer Theater Festivals of brand-new plays and musicals, all by women and non-binary writers, in 3 cities!

SHEEPWELL, by Margaret Rose Caterisano, follows Wattle and her daughter, Sarah, who live on the rural Highway 29 just outside the small college town of Troy in Alabama. Wattle is awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a naked man, Thomas, stumbling around in her back yard. She clothes and feeds the stranger, and gives him a place to spend the night. She, Sarah, and Thomas discuss the pros and cons of leaping to assumptions and jumping into relationships until Thomas decides it is time to leave — but it won’t be that easy. Sheepwell is a very dark comedy about the importance of first impressions and false assumptions.