Grand Soft Day


January 20, 2024    
1:00 pm


New 42 Studios
229 W 42nd Street, New York, NY


When the misty wind whips your hair and the drizzle tickles your nose, now that’s a Grand Soft Day! From the playful minds of Branar Theatre (The Way Back Home, 2017) and New International Encounter (Beauty and the Beast, 2019), this all-seasons adventure filled with live music and a sprinkling of words will ready you for whatever weather wends your way.

As they say at Ireland’s Branar Theatre, “If there is no wonder around you, there cannot be wonder inside you.” Since 2001, Branar Theatre has been making wonder-full experiences for children so that they and their imaginations may thrive. Branar Theatre views every child as an equal citizen of the world who should be nurtured through exposure to the arts.

Formed in 2001, New International Encounter (NIE) rehearsed its first three shows in the Czech Republic. That trilogy of plays was seen all over the world, from New York to Mexico City to Seoul. NIE is now based in Norway and England, and creates new shows in co-production with venues and theater companies from across Europe, including site-specific work and theater for younger audiences.

Grand Soft Day is produced by Branar Theatre and NIE in association with Culture Ireland.